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Horns sanded and with the base coat of paint. Once dry I can paint on the highlights and shadows then seal and... Done? I hope so!
The last picture was of the 2nd try and they ended up not working for a number of reasons.  Doing pieces like the horns and tail are not things I am used to doing so I am willing to keep trying till I am happy with the results.

Third try on the horns and even with just the first layer of gesso on and not yet dry or sanded I think these are keepers. I'll do a few more layers and sand till I get the more fleshy look I need and be ready to paint. Now if the third tail will also cooperate we will be in business.

Well this is more that twice the size I wanted the rod to be but this is as small I can go and still have space for the stupid batteries. It's still small enough to holster on my belt but is going to be sword size. I guess that's fine.

The fat centre piece is for the batteries and switch. It will be wrapped in leather and I can just squeeze my hand to turn it on and off. The rod will be black with runes carved into it letting light through from the LEDs. That is if I don't fuck it up. I have enough of the tubes to make one more attempt.

I just made this one to test the basic shape, the vinyl I decided to use and do some paint tests. I also need to work on hiding the seams you can't see here. I intend to put some kind of forking or point on the end of the tail as per the refrences, though honestly even the official Wizards of the Coast art is so different I really do have a lot of leeway.

Very rough WIP on the horns. I used Smooth On  Air Epozy Putty for the round bits that are white here. Next step is sanding then spray filler then more sanding. I'm going to use latex to fill in the gaps between the horns and my forehead.  (Yes I know my bench is a fucking nightmare and really needs tidying.)



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Horns sanded and with the base coat of paint. Once dry I can paint on the highlights and shadows then seal and... Done? I hope so!


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Thanks so much for the watch!
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just love love your stuff and welcome to the S.C.A.
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New account. Old one got banned. :/
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I LOVE your stuff!
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Wow I love your stuff so much!!!!! :happybounce: I'm gothic and have been trying to find any steampunk-gothic crossover type stuff and what you have in your gallery is exactly what I like to see! You are an amazing craftsperson and I love your goggles >w< but your hat is the most amazing thing I've ever seen!!!!!! Love your stuff~!!!!!
KingOfBavaria Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch, watched ya back! :aww:
BChanXD Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2010
Do you do commissions? I'm trying to get a costume together on my own for Halloween this year, and I really liked your steampunk hat.
Antimony-and-Lace Featured By Owner May 23, 2010
A website about diy gothic clothes. I haven't actually been on it in a while. It was really good.
lilibat Featured By Owner May 24, 2010   Artisan Crafter
I am glad like the site, which I put up actually, but I would appreciate it if you wouldn't use the name.
Antimony-and-Lace Featured By Owner May 24, 2010
oh sorry,
I had no idea.
Can you change your name on dA? I'll do it immeadiatley.
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